Our Team

Start Your New Life Journey with Catalyst Experts

A good project excels in the hands of qualified professionals.


This is where your entrepreneurial ideas start to take shape. (Don't have an idea, Don't worry! Your skills will add you to the existing startup ideas through our team of experts)


This is the place you need to perfect your ideas and turn them into a start-up.

Business plan and application

Your idea is now a project, but it is vital that it is presented to the authorities and approved. Our team of experts will prepare your business plan at the international level and carry out the necessary work to obtain approval from universities and incubators.

Start-up and Immigration

After the Start-up and Immigration Approval, you are entitled to enter a 3-month entrepreneurship training by the incubation center, do not worry, you are not subject to any exam or elimination after the training. The letter of support you will receive at the end of your training will permanently move you, your team and your family to Canada.