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Canada is a worldwide recognized educational destination for its unique natural beauty, inclusive society and high-quality education system. At Catalyst International, we provide students with an excellent educational experience through the Canadian High School Program.

The Canadian High School Program is an opportunity that focuses on students' academic and personal development. As part of this program, students attend a Canadian high school to complete their studies and have a variety of cultural experiences. This experience presents students with the opportunity to explore a new culture, interact with different people and make international connections.



Participants who are eligible to receive the Letter Of Support (Immigration Application):

Why U.S!

Canada Start-Up Visa The Only Organization Authorized to Evaluate Canadian "Start-Up Visa" Programs!


Authorized Institution

Catalyst International is the only agency authorized to evaluate and transfer Canada Start-up visa programs to Canadian technology centers.



More than One Hundred Projects

While evaluating your projects, did you know that there are projects that the participants who do not have a project can participate in according to their competencies?



Success Rate

Our participants start their projects with us and their families in Canada quickly and reliably.


We attended a panel in Izmir and provided information about Start-Up Programs and Life in Canada.

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